My Three Year Hair Growth Challenge

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Ah yes, a new year equals new resolutions. One of mine pertains to an old childhood fantasy of having long Rapunzel like hair. Not for a night in shining armor to save me of course, but oh for the feel of luscious fairy tale locks.

How I dream for a magic pill promising long beautiful waist length hair. All the oils, vitamins, and hacks in the world won’t bring those long locks any closer. All we have in the end is time. Reality reveals that the average hair growth is half an inch every month. In this case, I have all the time in the world. If you plan to count down the days like I will, it is easy to get into a rut while waiting. So, here are a few tips that I found useful.

There are three key things that can help reveal practical results. They are the following- a measuring tape, documentation, and realistic goals.



First and foremost, you need to know how much your hair can grow. Yes, the average is half an inch a month, but everyone is different. Invest in a fabric measuring tape. At the beginning of your hair journey measure the length of your hair and note it down. At the beginning of the second month measure your hair again and see how much length was gained. This will reveal how much hair you can grow in one month.


I really do mean realistic and practical goals. Having very high standards will most likely result in disappointments. Write down a practical desired length. If you know your hair grows ½” every month, the end result will be 6” in one year. If you want a more short term goal, set a desired length for 3, or 4 months and go from there. Don’t forget to take into account regular trimmings.



Often times, we never see change unless we reflect upon it. Having a paper trail of written evidence will reveal progress. After each month of hair growth, write down the inches you have gained and set yourself up for the new month to come. Treat this as a hair journal. Write about desired hair lengths, any changes, the kind of oils and products you will be using. Reflecting is a great way of revealing.

If you’re more of a visual person like I am, use pictures as a way of documenting. Check out @mah_hrrr on instagram. I still would recommend measuring your hair, just to be exact.


For fun, see if you can achieve 1 inch of hair growth in one month. First set the goal, then measure your hair at the beginning of the month and document the kind of products you will be using. At the end of the month review your progress and see if it was achievable. This will set you into the next month with new goals and new changes in routines.

I started my hair growth challenge at the beginning of this year. My hair rested above my collar bone. At the beginning of the next month my hair was exactly ½” longer. By the middle of the same month my hair had already reached the 1” mark, meaning my hair grows 1” in two months. My goal is to eventually have 1” of hair growth each month. There are many products, oils, and remedies I can use to help me achieve this, but I won’t know which one really works unless I document the progress.


I hope this gives you something to do while you’re waiting for your long locks. Stay tuned for more post about hair products and updates!

Here to Laugh, Learn, and Embrace,

Mah Hrrr

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