A Small Garden in Kansas

I visited Kansas in the season of summer 2013. My mom took me to her garden where she spent most of her days under the sun. It was a small piece of land but her hard work was fully grown and ready to be harvest. Onions, watermelon, cucumber, chillies, squash, green beans and rice were all sprouting out.  She stood there by her garden with a proud smile as I snapped a photo of her. Gardening was a loved hobby to my mom. It brung her joy, reminding her of the childhood life she had in Laos. I too thought of my upbringing, how growing up my siblings and I ate only her organic produce.

As the sun set over the horizon I stood there at awe of how well grown her vegetables were. My mom masterfully created something great and it was the result of tender care and extreme patience.

Growing up we were truly in the hands and in the presence of god herself.