Adventure to Zion


We packed our bags venturing into the mid of day.

Out the concrete jungle we escaped, into the dead dry sea we dove.

We talked of the old sea and where it could have gone.

Perhaps it left the ground filling up the empty atmosphere blue.

Now nothing was left but earths bare skin cauterizing in the fiery sun.

We then saw green, a sign of life and it grew thorns to protect it’s color.

Rock formations peeked from the horizon blocking out the light.

Rising from the sand it grew until we found ourselves deep within it’s crevasse.

We woke to familiar faces and were happy to venture our journey with others.

Far from our windows, orange sun stained titans roamed.

Bound to the earth they stood tall

Yet close to the heavens more than we could ever dream.

We were granted passage, promising to respect the law of these giants.

For if we broke our lives would pay.

Slowly we crept beneath their feet cautious and aware of their deep sleep.

Our steps took us little but we knew it could not last.

These mighty titans stretched far and vast.

We wanted to keep on going but that would mean to never return.

Roaring with the river our stomaches finally spoke.

And it was then that we remembered,

More familiar faces to see

Far from where we had strayed.

So there we stood, our legs in the murky current.

Our teeth shining brightly

Our hearts finally fulfilled.

Grateful for the gift we were able to keep

Of the day we roamed with giants.