Long time ago when I was a just a wee kid, my dad told me- coming to this country he was an alien. I thought to myself with excitement - "OMG.. daddy's an alien! That must make me one too!"

Once I found a brochure from the mail. It had dads name and address printed on the top. "How do they know your name?" I asked him. "They just do" he calmly replied. "OMG... daddy's famous!" My mind exploded.

My dad's favorite color is pink and so were the color of my girly sandals which he wore outside with his boxers. I thought- "WOW- daddy does what he wants, and doesn't care what others think of him". That's how I should be some day.

My Dad is truly one of a kind, the king in my story, and the hero I've always wanted to become.

Happy Fathers Day Dad. You the best!