DIY Centerpieces for Wedding or Event

My upcoming event is basically a huge DIY project and I’m on a budget so I decided to cut out the wedding planner and do the decorations my self. I put a lot of thought into the kind of flowers I wanted but settled for three main types for their meaning and year round convenience. All flowers dry and preserve well, so if you too decide to have dry flowers- feel free to view my drying process and some other tips that will help you select your choice of flowers. Whether dry or fresh- if you like my personal flower selection keep reading to see how you too can achieve this entire DIY centerpiece.

The Centerpieces

I will have a total of three vases for this centerpiece. It seemed daunting at first but I wasn’t sure if having one single bouquet of flowers would be enough for a 60ft round table so I decided to go with the idea.


All materials (except for the candles, lace, twine, burlap and some of the glass cylinder vases) were all purchased from Goodwill.

The Flowers

I purchased my flowers in downtown Los Angeles at the floral district. All ranged from $4 - $6 a bundle and took about two weeks to dry. The only flower I could not find was the cockscomb which I purchased from a fabulous company called Love Joy Farms.


From left to right: Eucalyptus Foliage, Babies Breath (Gypsophila), Statice (white), Solidago/ Goldenrod, Cockscomb (Celosia)

Flower Vase 1

These vases were purchased from Goodwill. All are miss-matched so collecting them weren’t a problem to find.


From a eucalyptus branch, break each stem from the base of each limb. From those stems- measure out 4-5 inches of length and break away the leaves- leaving the stem bare at the end.


Flower Vase 2

Though simple and easy to create, this vase took the longest to create for my event. It took about a year collecting tin cans. Thanks to my artichoke chicken pasta dish and my love for black olives, I was able to collect more than 100 tin cans for this vase. I know, it’s a bit more than I need but- the more the merrier! The lace was purchased from the fabric district in LA at a shop called: Levy’s Trimming Co.

IMG_4579 copy.jpg

Take a 4 x 9.5 inch piece of lace. Wrap it around the tin can and glue it down using a hot glue gun.


In the tin cans I will be using the flower “ babies breath”. 4-5 stems will fit perfectly in one tin can. Cut stems of 8-9 inches in length from the branches. Secure the stems together with a rubber band.


Flower Vase 3

For this main and final centerpiece bouquet, I’ll be using the flowers: solidago, cockscomb, and statice.


Bunch together 8-9 cockscomb stems.

Then surround it with white statice flowers.


Lastly complete the bouquet by surrounding it with solidago flowers.

Secure the bundle together with a rubber band.

Arranging the bouquet first before cutting the end to your desired length.


I used a 7 x 3.5 inch cylinder glass vase. Sourcing from Goodwill- it was the hardest item to find because it was a very specific type of vase. For my event I needed a total of 20 vases and half I found from Goodwill; the rest I purchased from a local store. These vases can be quite costly if bought individually for retail price, but a case of 12 will cost $12 at the Dollar Tree!


I used thick hemp string to go around the base of the vases.

Hot glue the hemp string securely to the glass as you twirl it around the vase.

Wrap and end the hemp string “1/2 to 3/4” around the glass vase- leaving the top bare.

Final Touches

Metal trays can be the most costly item to find if you are on a budget. Luckily after scavenging every Goodwill across town I was able to find all! I personally enjoyed the search, but if you don’t have time- sites like Etsy, eBay, and even Poshmark will sell them for a relatively good price.


Light up this centerpieces with candles. I found these at Decor Center in downtown Los Angeles.


I used a 40x40 burlap overlay for a 60ft round table. I found that renting out burlap would cost more than buying it by the yard. You can find them at local craft stores like Hobby Lobby, or Joann and get them for under $4 each yard.

Putting All Centerpieces Together

This romantic centerpiece is ideal for a shabby chic or vintage themed wedding. Whether if you choose to use this entire centerpiece setup or just one or two aspects from it, I hope it will bring you much joy!


Thanks for reading and if you like- follow my blog for more DIY projects as I journey towards my reception day.