DIY - Drying Flowers

Our Hmong blessing is far from now, but it will sneak up on me. I’m excited to be planning my own event but nervous at the same time because quite frankly, I’ve never planned an event before! Ok, I’ll admit, I’m more nervous than excited.

I’m on a budget but I still want things to look nice. I laid restlessly at night dreaming up ideas on flowers and centerpieces and one day I thought “dry flowers”! I won’t have to bother with water and fresh flowers. Also I can collect my material (the flowers) over a span of time.

I set out on an adventure to downtown Los Angeles. What better place to start than at the Floral District.

I was surprised to have found so many varieties of flowers and foliages.

diy drying flowers

Some of the flower buds were not blooming just yet, so I made sure to leave them in water till they fully bloomed.

diy drying flowers

I removed any access leafs from the stems and measured a length to my liking.

I fastened the stems together with rubber bands and tied a wire around it for hanging. Later, upon searching- I found paper clips. I honestly think they’re easier to use for hanging.

diy drying flowers

During summer we took down our swing as a jester of change in our home and I was delighted to have found another use for the hooks which lonesomely clung to the bare ceiling.

hanging flowers to dry

Oh how I love twine. There’s something to them that makes me feel so “country”

Flowers and foliages will take up to 2 weeks to dry completely.

diy drying flowers
diy drying flowers

I plan on going back to the floral district for more foliage and blooms.

I’m doing more research on flowers that will dry beautifully as well.

diy drying flowers

Stay tuned! I’ll be exploring more centerpiece and flower ideas as our event day creeps up.