DIY Drying Flowers For Centerpieces

The greatest thing about a human mind is that a person can store away a memory and recall back on it for many years. One of the beauty of a flower is that it can be picked and placed in a room to bring joy for many. Why not combine the two by preserving a flower, so much like a loving memory, in which you can always look back on and enjoy. That is precisely why I choose to have dry flowers for my event, and so can you! Here are some helpful things to consider if you choose to use dry flowers.


Dry Flower Research

There are lots of flowers that will dry well, and there are many options to choose from, but there are things to consider before you dive right in. One thing is that- when dried some flowers will change, if not slightly, drastically. So it’s good to know what the “before and after” outcome of a fresh flower will look like after drying.

There are flowers that will look almost the same as they did when fresh; for example, gomphrena, and globe thistle will look almost the same. On the other hand there are some flowers that will change slightly in look and color; for example celosia, straw flowers, or larkspur. Lastly there are flowers that, in my opinion, will look different. All still remain beautiful but will wrinkle or change completely. For example roses, solidago, hydrangea, wheat, or daisy’s.

Wedding Styles and Themes

Put into consideration the style of your event. Dry flowers will match great with many themes like shabby chic, barn, rustic, vintage, or even bohemian. If your wedding or event aren’t any of these themes dry flowers, in my opinion, will still be a great option! Foliages, like eucalyptus leaves preserve well and will look great dry. Flowers like drumstick, lavender or babies breath practically stay the same color after drying. If your wedding or event theme happens to be modern, or traditional - incorporating some dry flowers will still be a great option.


Drying Flowers and Test Rounds

If you’re event will be DIY like mine, I strongly suggest testing each type of flowers. You never know- when dried you could end up hating the look. Some flowers like peony, and roses will slightly fade in color and look, so it’s a good idea to test first to see the actual look and feel.

Flower Seasons

Another important thing to consider are the in-season flowers. Luckily living in Los Angeles and being next door to the floral district, I was able to get my hands on many different kinds of flowers. If you don’t have access to fresh wholesale flowers try online where you can find ready-made dried flowers.

I fell in love the the flower cockscomb and purchased only one bundle late autumn of last year. Later I realized that the flower came only in season which would have been too late for my event. I was deviated but searched online and found a really great company called Love Joy Farms. I absolutely loved the cockscomb flowers I bought from them. The condition of the flowers were everything I imagined it to be. Their company is located in the beautiful pacific northwest and they have a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Just make sure to call where you can speak directly with the owner for in stock flowers and orders. I can not stop raving about this company. In a sense, they saved my event!

Cockscomb from  Love Joy Farms    Meaning : Humor, Affection, Boldness, Friendship

Cockscomb from Love Joy Farms

Meaning: Humor, Affection, Boldness, Friendship

The Flower Drying Process

Take a look at my DIY Drying Flowers blog post to see how I dried my flowers. One thing I’ve learned after writing the post is that some flowers will fade. I was romanticizing the idea of drying flowers also as a way of decorating my house. I came to realize that some flowers will fade if left in an open area lit with sun.

Solidago Flower Meaning : good luck, good fortune, growth, success, motivation.

Solidago Flower Meaning: good luck, good fortune, growth, success, motivation.

The beautiful yellow color of my solidago flowers faded over time. Luckily I had a bundle that hung in my staircase where there was little to no light. In return the color of the flower remained relatively well. I made the decision to keep the flower for it’s color and meaning. I hung the second batch of flowers in a closet bathroom where no sunlight would hit it.

Statice Flower Meaning : (white) trust, truth, innocence

Statice Flower Meaning: (white) trust, truth, innocence

Statice are one of the most favorable flowers when it comes to drying. I’m just at aw of how great the colors remained. I bought a range of colors and left them out in the open. Not even one single blossom faded.

Flower Centerpiece Ideas

I’ll admit, my reception color scheme was based off of my flower choices.

I chose cockscomb for my main centerpiece flower because of it’s uniqueness. Later, come to find out, my mom told me they were a flower that thrived in her country Laos. Sometimes things are so much better with meaning behind it.

Here are some of my first trial centerpieces.

My Final Bouquet Idea

My event is coming up in early autumn just right around the corner. I’ll be planning the decorations and I’m glad I’ll be having these beautiful dried flowers as a memory for many years to come.


Stay tuned to see my final reception centerpiece where I’ll show you exactly what I’ll be using to create it.