How To Take and Edit Photos For Poshmark: Quality Images

You’ve stumbled upon this blog post in search of any advice on how to take product photos for re-selling items on apps/ websites like eBay, Depop, or Poshmark. You might not be a professional photographer but you’re interested in having quality images for your seller account. You’ve come to the right place!

For you’re product photos there are three parts to having good images. All are easy and affordable things everyone can start doing now. If you have not, I suggest you read the part 1 of this tutorial series: “Informative Images”. There you will learn about the different types of photos you need that will help re-sell your product. This particular blog post will be about adding quality to your images. Then I’ll show you some easy tips on editing photos in a third post yet to come. Now, lets jump right in!

Today I’ll be discussing two topics that will help put quality into your product images. There’s no need spending money on cameras, equipments, and a photo studio. What you need is already there.


How To Take and Edit Photos For Poshmark: Quality Images

The Brightest Room

All photos from my Poshmark account were taken during the day when the sun was at its brightest. Set up your DIY shooting studio in the brightest area within your living space, preferably next to a window.

Time of Day Matters

Though you want to be near the biggest window with the most light, you should avoid direct sun light. Pick a time in the day when the sun isn’t piercing through the window, for example: when the sun is directly above your home. Basically you want to be in the shade where light is reflected, rather than direct. Our sun is a very harsh source of light. If your item is lit with direct sunlight, it will cast dark shadows. The opposite will happen if you are in the shade. The reflected sunlight will cast soft gradual shadows.

A Helpful Investment

The only item I would suggest you buying is a white foam board. These are affordable and can be found at crafts stores like Micheals, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby. Using a white foam board will reflect defused light onto darker areas of your item. Place it facing the window next to your product. This will help light your product by filling in any unwanted shadows.

BEFORE : no foam board used

BEFORE : no foam board used

AFTER : foam board placed on the left

AFTER : foam board placed on the left

natural lighting for product photos

Artificial Lighting

You can choose to use artificial light but just know that any man made lighting will be significantly dimmer when compared to the natural rays of the sun. Your photos might not turn out to be what you expect. Your camera will work harder in low lighting thus producing the appearance of noise, blurriness, and lack of sharpness. If not lit properly- unwanted shadows are easier to create, also most indoor lightbulbs emanate a yellowish tent. Ultimately more equipment will be needed to create the perfect lighting. More light is always better. The sun is an abundance source of light and is free for everyone to use. It’s the easier and quickest solution!

Natural light from the sun.

Captured with natural light from the sun.

Taken with artificial indoor lighting.

Captured with artificial indoor lighting.


creating style and brand to your poshmark images

Style It

You can style a product by adding fashion accessories like sunglasses, necklaces, shoes, etc. This is a great way to present your product to customers. The only thing I would ad about this concept is to make sure the main focus is on the product you are trying to sell. You can do this by having only one or two images of your product styled with accessories. The rest of the photos (in my opinion) should be of the product it self.

But what if you are not a stylist? You need not worry; there are other ways to create style and it can be done in a simple/ subtle way.

Other Ways to Style

Create mood, and personality to your images by using interesting backgrounds and/or props with your product. Look all around your home and you will find personal items like an heirloom rug, fur or fabric, wood flooring, curtains, walls, stools, trays, etc. Not only will this concept help to style your product, it will also build a visual brand around your seller account. Think of it as- giving your customers a small glimpse into your world.

creating style and brand to your poshmark images
creating style and brand to your poshmark images
creating style and brand to your poshmark images
creating style and brand to your poshmark images
creating style and brand to your poshmark images
creating style and brand to your poshmark images

How To Build A Brand Around Your Seller Account

Branding is often times associated with companies who are manufacturing and selling products but it doesn’t have to end there. As a re-seller you too can have fun and build a brand around your seller account with the use of images.

On my Poshmark account you will find that most of my products were photographed with one or two rugs, and a few with white or wood backgrounds. If you take a step back and look at all the listings together, you will see that the consistent use of backgrounds and/or props build a type of rhythm throughout the account as a whole. This pattern can be used to create a “brand.”

Branding is mood, personality, and character. In the re-seller world- branding is not so much in the product a person is trying to sell, but rather it can be expressed through the staging of items. Having personality is a great way to target your customer. It’s like, finding your own tribe and it can help you and your item stand out from other listings. Your brand might take some time to develop, but look around you- it might already be there.

A really great book to check out on branding and marketing is Seth Godin’s All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low Trust World”

Nothing Wrong With Simple

Don’t underestimate the beauty of simplicity and minimalism. If you are limited with backgrounds or props, a simple white/ solid color bed sheet or wall will go a long way. It’s totally fine to use only one backdrop for every listing. Minimalism is a beautiful concept, one that people often times overlook in fear that less is not enough. Think quality over quantity.

This reminds me of the intelligent and inspirational queen of tidying up- Mari Kondo.

My style/ branding is specific and unique to me. Everyone is different and deserve to have their own voice. If you are wanting to take your seller account to the next level by creating a brand, get some inspiration from these other Poshers who are re-selling their items with style and uniqueness.

@erynlean, @plumcreekbtq, @beachposher, @theceocloset, @motherskiss, @dimlee215, @hallandjames, @tastycloset, @theposhloft, @calleyscloset, @faith02, @chic_estilo, @awedufour92

Quality Images

Quality images mean so much more than an expensive camera and equipments. The way in which you present your products, by having the best source of light and by adding a little bit of your self into each image, all make for a more meaningful purchase. I hope this post on adding quality to your images help you in your journey as a reseller. For more- read the first part of this “three part” blog post series to find out what types of photos you need to re-sell your product. If you like, follow my blog to see the third and final post about editing product images.

Till Next Time,