My Hair Growth Journey- Year 2

Two years have gone since I’ve banished any and all metal brass scissor blades from ever touching the tips of my hair. The first year I anxiously measured my hair as it slowly inched to armpit length. When the second year neared the anticipation lessen and by the time I noticed my hair had finally reached waist length.

End of September 2017 —-> September 2018

End of September 2017 —-> September 2018

I called my first year “my oil year”. The second year, I would have to say, was more of a relaxed year. Though I did oil my hair from time to time, I did it less often.


Ponytail circumference: 2.5” inches


One thing I’ll mention, that I have not before, is that I stopped the use of rubber bands all together. All those years dealing with thin hair, I was use to tying my hair back with tiny black rubber bands. I carried them everywhere because they were too small for my wrist. When the second year of my hair challenge rolled around I finally tucked the tiny bands away into a far dark corner and never looked back.


19” inches —-> 24.75” inches


If you are on a hair journey as well, one tip I have learned is to keep going. First year will feel like you are not gaining any progress. Once your hair reaches past armpit length- you will feel like your hair is finally growing, well at least that was the case in my experience.

Keep measuring! For me- half an inch was all I gained in one month, but it was enough evidence to see that my hair was indeed growing. I also have not been trimming my hair, but to those who will be trimming, your hair will take longer, but it all depends on how fast it grows. Some people grow up to 1 inch of hair each month. If so- trim half an inch every 3 - 6 months. Just as long as you keep track of the growth of your hair, and have realistic hair length goals- you’ll be alright.


My ponytail circumference remains the same as when I started my hair journey, which means the thickness of my hair is not increasing. I’m starting to think it won’t change and if so, I want to be ok with it but not lose hope all together. My hair is on the thinner side and I have been experiencing more hair fall than usual. For my third and final year of my hair growth I want to get to the core of my hair shed.

As I am getting older, conceiving has been on my mind lately. At the end of 2018 I was diagnosed with PCOS, a common hormone disorder among women. Some of the symptoms are irregular periods, anovulatory cycles (absent ovulation), unbalanced hormones and, have you guessed it yet- hair loss! My plan is to do more research on PCOS and see what I can do to better my health.

As the next chapter unfolds in my life, new challenges and issues are revealed. I fear not though, because I will be ready.

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