Trip to Australia • S100

Just thought I'd share some images on my travels to Australia in 2012. It was such an amazing journey. We first stayed in Melbourne, made our way to Hobart, then ended our trip in Sydney.

Although I brought my larger dslr with me, I planned on not using it much of the time. I wanted to travel light, and avoid having to lug a big camera around since I would be on my feet most of the time. I still wanted to take photos though, so I purchased a canon S100. Some of my best images that were taken with this camera, given that it is a point and shoot. You are still able to adjust the settings manually, but I wouldn't say it is the same as using manual on a regular dslr; The S100 is less precise. I ended up using auto most of the time, but the results were still as beautiful. This was my first journey out of the states, and I did not want to miss one bit of the actual moment instead of having to worry about technical details, settings, and what not. It was beautiful and I was just glad to have a light, pocketable camera to document my adventure.

I plan on traveling to Australia again in the near future, this time more north, perhaps pay a visit to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, I hope!

... all images are un-edited, taken with Canon S100

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