Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

I decided to spend the end of 2018 with my family in the Midwest. Going from a warmer climate to a colder one will be a great transition, one that I should be all too familiar with though the California sun has been treating me well. We’ll just have to see if I can cope. I did after all grow up in the cold holiday weather, so it “should” be nothing new to me. I’m just excited to put my good old winter coat to good use.

I’ll be visiting home for a total of 12 days and I plan on taking one carry on luggage. Yes, I’ll say it again- only one carry on luggage! What better way to start off the new year by setting some new goals. 2019- I’m ready to make this work.

Helpful Style Tools

I’ve been on the “capsule wardrobe” bandwagon for some time now and it’s the most useful when it comes to packing. Stylebook has been a helpful companion in my organize and minimalist wardrobe journey. The app has a great feature where you can organize “packed clothes!” It’s a great visual tool to have.

The Style Limit

Like everything in life, there’s a limit to everything. In my case, I’ll be needing 12 days worth of outfits and I’m limited only one suitcase. To be minimal as possible- i’ll be bringing one coat and one pair of boots, so I need to make sure everything matches.

My Capsule Packing List

10 Total Pieces of Clothing

12 Outfits Total

  • 1 Winter Coat

  • 1 Pair of Boots

  • 2 Pants- 1 Dark, 1 Light

  • 4 Sweaters

  • 2 Long Sleeves

Every top will match with both dark and light pants, meaning every top will be worn twice, and each pants will be worn six times in the total of 12 days. Hows that for minimal!

Top: H&M | Bottoms: Forever 21 Denim | H&M Trousers | Coat: Express | Boots: Boots: Steve Madden


Because I chose to pack only one dark and one light pants- I made sure to try each top with my pants to insure everything would match.


Any top that did not match with my selected pants, boots, and coat were eliminated from my packing list.

Top: Vintage (Goodwill) | Bottoms: Forever 21 Denim | H&M Trousers | Coat: Express | Boots: Boots: Steve Madden

My style of clothing is very masculine. I like to think it compliments my soft and meager-like appearance.

Top: Cotton On | Bottoms: Forever 21 Denim | H&M Trousers | Coat: Express | Boots: Boots: Steve Madden

Being minimal, practical and efficiant is achievable, and I was able to do it through a “capsule wardrobe” approach. Now I challenge you to have one as well! I would like to know your thoughts, and would love to see your capsule wardrobe!

Stay tuned. I’ll tell you how I found my own personal style by incorporating the capsule wardrobe into my lifestyle.

Start organizing your wardrobe using the app Stylebook.

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