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My name is Bie. I’m a photographer/ graphic designer.

I’ve been living within the sun kissed, palm tree cityscape of Los Angeles for over a decade now.

I was born in Midwest America to refugee parents who escaped to the US during the Vietnam War.

You’re probably wondering what “NPIB” stands for. It’s my name spelt in Hmong- which is my ethnicity.

Npib is pronounced “bee”, meaning coin or penny.

When I’m not taking photos or designing- I write.

In the past it’s been hard finding my own voice as a second generation Asian American and I found art and writing to be very therapeutic.

My stories and photos are about the culture I was born into, what the current society presents to me, and how both aspects intertwined into one.

I seek and document the quality of life, the people who came into this world with me, and others that I have and yet to meet.

Welcome to my site and thanks for stumbling upon it.



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