For some the beginning of anything can be difficult whether if it’s traveling thousands of miles across sea to another country, or if it’s moving far away from home to start a life into adulthood. This was the case for both Bie and Gowtham. Their story began in a small crowded college room. Class had already began and all seats were taken except for one empty desk. Fate had left it open for the late arrival of one person, and it was as simple as that. He respectfully asked if he could take the empty seat next to her, and she said yes. It’s a simple story but proves that.. maybe things are really destined to be.

It’s hard to believe that their journey together began a decade ago. Though they come from two very different parts of the world, Gowtham from India and Bie from America, what they value in life kept them together- family, friends and quality of life. Together as a couple they are amazed at how they were able to find one another in a world that is full and vast.

In 2017 Bie and Gowtham ventured to India for their wedding. In 2019 they will once again celebrate their love for one another with family and friends in California.

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September . 01 . 2019

@ 2:30 PM

Dante Club of Fresno

Hmong Blessing • Dinner